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Jessica Vedel
DSC_5320 sh.jpg

Jessica Vedel always had a passion for interiors, colors and compositions. She started out in the fashion industry before she transferred into the world of interior. 


J. Vedel studio was established in London in 2012 with a focus on high-end residential and show homes before moving the studio to New York in 2016. 


Jessica Vedel works in the fields of interior design, product design and creative consultancy. Her work pays strong homage to her Danish heritage creating tailored residential and commercial spaces through materiality, form, muted colors and her love of mixing contemporary and vintage objects and furniture.


In addition to her interior and product design, Jessica Vedel is a photographer. Her work varies across creative industries like interior, fashion, product design and architecture. 


Jessica Vedel is back to her Danish roots and today J. Vedel Studio is based in the heart of Copenhagen.


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